What to Expect

The sleep specialists at the Iowa Sleep Disorders Center realize that you may be continually tired, lack energy and are probably frustrated with the quality of your sleep.  We want to help you get relief and start feeling like your self again.

By requesting an appointment you are taking the first step in improving the quality of your life, regaining restful sleep, and moving toward a healthier lifestyle.

The initial appointment with one of our sleep physicians starts the process of diagnosing and treating your sleep issues.  The entire sleep disorders team works closely with you in obtaining the goal of an effective treatment plan, and a good night’s sleep.

A sleep study may be prescribed. This non-invasive, relaxing over-night test examines the quality of your sleep and provides the information necessary for your diagnosis and treatment of any sleep disorder that you may be have.

Sleep consultation and sleep study requests may be initiated by you on your own or by your physician.  Please contact us to schedule an appointment. 

For answers to the most frequently asked questions, see our Frequently Asked Questions section.