FAQ About Your Sleep Study

We have found that people don’t have difficulty falling asleep during their sleep study. Our sleep technologists are unable to give you a sleeping aide. If you are concerned about being able to fall asleep during your sleep study, make sure you speak with your provider during your consultation appointment.

During your initial consultation your sleep technologist will go over your medications with you. At that time they will instruct you to stop your medication if needed. Only under certain circumstances will you need to discontinue your medication prior to your sleep study. If you need to take medication while you are in the sleep lab, please notify your sleep technologist so that the medication can be documented for the reviewing sleep specialist.

You should bring items that will make you feel more comfortable such as favorite pillow or blanket. *Due to COVID-19 please bring as few of things as you can with you that evening*  Bring two piece pajamas or a tee shirt and shorts to sleep in. Any medications you need to take before bed, during the night, or first thing in the morning. If you need to take medications before bed or during the night, please let your sleep technologist know. If you need to check your blood sugar or take insulin, please be sure to bring any supplies needed.  If you require snacks during your stay you will need to provide them. We do provide Culligan water.  We do have a refrigerator and microwave should these items be required. We do have shower facilities available with shampoo and body wash; however you are welcome to bring toiletries to get ready for your day.

A cooler room is a better sleeping environment.  The rooms at ISDC feel a little cooler than normal because of the heating/air conditioning system that circulates air more than is typically circulated at home.  If you need an extra blanket please let your sleep technologist know.  They will be happy to provide you with an extra blanket. If you get too warm, each of our rooms have fans available if needed.

You should call your sleep specialist and let them know.  Regular yearly check-ups are important to help identify these kinds of issues before they become a problem.  CPAP supplies are medical devices that require prescriptions, just like medications, which will be renewed during your yearly check-up.

This is actually a very easy task. Because all of the wires which are attached to you are plugged into a portable jack box, all you need to do is say that you need to go to the bathroom in a normal speaking voice. The sleep technologist will hear you and come in and unplug the jack box and you are then free to get up. Please do not attempt to get out of bed without assistance as you may injure yourself or our equipment. If the sleep technologist doesn’t answer right away, it may be that they are in another room assisting another patient. Please be patient, wait a moment, and then ask again.

We request that people arrive at 8:00 pm because some people need a little more time to get ready for bed.  We provide TV in each room to help you relax before being prepared for your study.  The sleep technologists start waking patients up at 6:00 am.  If you do require an earlier wake up time, please let the sleep technologist know when you are being prepared for your study.

The medication given to patients usually does not have carry over effect, however everyone may react differently.  Be sure and tell your sleep technologist if you feel groggy in the morning because you should not leave the sleep center until you feel awake enough to drive.  If you feel groggy and do not stay, you may be asked to sign a Leave Against Medical Advice form.

Due to having mixed gender we require patients to have a top and bottom to sleep in.  The belts that are placed around the chest and abdomen also can rub against bare skin and slip less when placed over a shirt.  Most patients choose to sleep in a tee shirt and pajama bottoms, or shorts.  Silky nightwear is not recommended because there can be too much static electricity buildup with silk.

The sleep specialist has determined that there is a possibility that the medication that you are currently taking may have an adverse effect of a test they want you to undergo. If this affects you, Iowa Sleep Disorders Center will attempt to contact the provider that prescribed the medication and together will determine if your medication can safely be stopped for the test. We do not discontinue any medication without the prescribing provider and your consent.

Our policy at Iowa Sleep requires that the sleep disorders specialist review all studies. The sleep study and its analysis and interpretation are part of a complex process.  Many hours of work are required by specially trained professionals in order to fully understand the significant amount of data gathered from you during the night.  Your sleep technologist will begin to process or “score” the large amount of data recorded during the night. A sleep specialist with special knowledge of sleep and its disorders then interprets the information to come up with a final diagnosis.  Because the night technician may not be aware of your medical history, they are not qualified to make detailed comments on your study.  Some information about your sleep study cannot be revealed because there are questions that are asked about your sleep on your Morning Questionnaire.  Some sleep disorders effect the perception of sleep and by giving you the answers, the questionnaire would not be a good means to help the sleep specialist diagnose and treat you.

Prescribed, over-the-counter medications, and recreational or street drugs can disrupt sleep and affect the outcome of a sleep study. Some medications cause drowsiness or other side affects that prevent a good night’s sleep.  It is important that you communicate all medications/drugs that you take, regardless of the source, as this can affect how our medical staff treats your sleep disorder.  If you are not truthful in disclosing medications, the sleep specialist may prescribe medications that can be dangerous if mixed with other substances or may result in the provider refusing to refill medication prescriptions.

The Ankeny sleep center features queen size adjustable air mattress beds.  You are able to adjust the firmness to your liking.  We also have select beds that have elevating head and feet for those that need these for medical reasons.  We will ask that you sleep as close to flat as possible to obtain accurate results.  Our bedrooms are homey and comfortable with handicap accessible restrooms available with showers so you can get ready for work at our sleep centers if you desire.  We recommend that you bring items such as a pillow or blanket if it will make you more comfortable.  *Due to COVID-19 please bring as few of things as you can with you that evening*

We accept most insurance.  Iowa Sleep attempts to verify insurance and obtain prior authorizations prior to your scheduled sleep study.  If you have questions or concerns about specific coverage, we recommend you check with your insurance company to make sure that a sleep study is covered under your plan and what benefits apply.  It is important that you know what your deductible, co-insurance, and out of network benefits are if they apply to your plan.  Please contact the phone number on your insurance card or contact us with any questions that you have regarding your insurance.  Ultimately insurance coverage is your responsibility; however we can assist you with questions.

Having someone walk through my treatment options was important to me. I appreciate the advice I have received and think the staff at Iowa Sleep is great!