Initial Consultation

Prior to your initial consultation, please download and complete the following forms:

In addition to bringing these completed forms to your initial appointment, also bring:

  • Any pertinent Medical Records, including any previous sleep studies you may have had done
  • Data chip from your home CPAP machine if you are currently using a CPAP device (required at every visit)
  • Current medication list that includes dosage and frequency of all of your medications
  • Photo ID and Insurance Cards
  • Co-Payment - if your insurance company requires one, we are required by them to collect this payment at the time of service - You may pay by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express credit or debit card or check
  • It may be beneficial to bring your bed partner with you, as he or she may know of details/symptoms which you may be unaware

During Your Visit

An initial appointment is scheduled for 40 minutes. At this time one of our board-certified sleep physicians will review the questionnaires you completed, carefully go over your medical history, and listen to your questions and concerns about your sleep and health.

Depending on your symptoms, you may be prescribed an overnight sleep study to measure the amount and quality of your sleep and to identify any abnormalities during sleep. Our receptionist will assist you in scheduling the study if needed. You are welcome to take a quick tour of the sleep center after your appointment to familiarize yourself with our clinic.

After Your Sleep Study

If you have a sleep study, the data collected during your overnight stay will be analyzed by a sleep specialist. Based on the results, treatment options and recommendations will be given to you, as well as your primary care provider. A follow-up appointment is scheduled to discuss the results and evaluate any treatment.

Having someone walk through my treatment options was important to me. I appreciate the advice I have received and think the staff at Iowa Sleep is great!